In addition to the responsibilities of running a business, high-level executives operate in an environment of increased litigation risks. Stringent corporate governance requirements, standards of fiduciary duty, possible discrimination and harassment issues, and even the second-guessing of routine job performance, can all pose significant financial risks to the company as well as to the executives personally.

At CLA Insurance Group, we help employers protect executives from these and other potentially damaging liabilities. We offer an array of risk reduction strategies and mitigation techniques, including specialized insurance to provide coverage for:

  • Directors and officers liability
  • Fiduciary (ERISA) liability
  • Employment practices liability
  • Data and network security liability
  • Intellectual property liability
  • Road Show / Pre-IPO / IPO disclosures
  • Representations and warranties liability
  • Kidnap, ransom and extortion liability
  • Miscellaneous professional liability

Our Executive Risk specialists are skilled in the most effective strategies and techniques to protect our clients’ business and their leaders.